5 Reasons Clients Lose their lashes


2) Allergy Season: We all hate that time of year.  Itchy and watery eyes make wearing lash extensions extremely difficult. Teary eyes can interfere with the adhesive curing and bonding properly to your lashes, so we recommend taking allergy medication before you come in so that you are not so teary!  Itching will be a big problem, so try to itch around your eyes instead of your actual lashes.

3) Damaged or Fine Lashes: With less surface area to bond, the lash extension has a difficult time staying on.  Our best advice is to come every two weeks for fills, and start using our Lash Growth Serum.  Our clients experience naturally thicker lashes and continue to use it while wearing their extensions. As your lashes thicken up, you will notice they stay on longer and you will have fuller fills.


4) Exercising and/or High Omega 3 Diet: Sometimes lashes are producing so much natural oil that the adhesive has a hard time bonding to the natural lash.  One option is to lash shampoo more frequently to remove the excess oils.  Makeup removers will not necessarily do the trick.

5) Hormones:  Some medications or untreated medical conditions will cause lashes to fall out regardless of whether or not you are wearing lashes.  Ask your doctor for more information.  We know that pregnancy, menopause, low thyroid, low iron and low B12 are some common culprits.

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