Just in time Adhesive!

Or so we try!  It looks like this month we ran a little short!  

Every month we try to predict how much adhesive our amazing lash artists and students will use, but this month we fell short so please accept our apologies!

Why Just In Time?

People as us all the time why we don't order a larger quantity.  We would certainly get a better price if we ordered 6 months adhesive at a time.  So why not save money?

It has been tested multiple times with multiple adhesives.  The fresher the better.  As soon as the adhesive leaves the manufacturer, it starts to lose its strength.  Is it worth risking your client complaining that all of her lashes fell out?  Heck no!  

Can I freeze Adhesive?

Absolutely not!  We have tested this strategy too.  Some companies recommend you purchase extra adhesive and freeze it until you need it.  Unfortunately, the ideal storage temperature is about what your regular refrigerator is.  If you freeze it, your adhesive will actually lose efficacy and you will end up with less than optimal retention with your clients.


When do I change my Adhesive?

We recommend storing your adhesive upright, in a dark container and away from a direct heat source, like the sun.  When you notice that you are half empty, you should order another adhesive and keep it in the fridge.  When your active adhesive is getting stringy, or extra thick, you know that it is time for a change!  Don't worry about using every last drop... it is not worth the risk of an unhappy client.

Happy lashing!




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