Top Three Microblading Myths Debunked

Top 3 Microblading Myths Debunked

There are some common misconceptions about Microblading. Let’s debunk these myths!

 1. You have to remove what eyebrow hair you have prior to having microblading done.

 FALSE! If you have an artist that tries to tell you to shave your eyebrows before the procedure, RUN! Microblading is done with your natural hair growth pattern and is a fantastic option for filling in gaps and creating a new shape.

 2. Microblading is ONLY for women.

 FALSE AGAIN! Men too are plagued with hair loss and can suffer from alopecia. There are many blade types and sizes that can mimic a mans natural brow hair giving them the opportunity to experience the confidence of great brows!

 3. Microblading hurts 😞

 I’ll let you guess.... FALSE, somewhat. Very few clients experience pain when having the procedure done. A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin. Clients will feel a slight pressure but usually no pain. Some people actually fall asleep during the procedure! There is a slight “scratching “ sound that is heard but pop in your earbuds and listen to your favourite tunes and you will have great brows in no time! 

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