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Why are not all Lash Boutiques Priced the same?

Often the first question our Lash Boutique is asked is, "How much is it for a full set (or a fill)".  That is a great question!

When you get your hair cut, do you go to the closest hairdresser, or do you prefer a higher end salon?  Why?  Often you get what you pay for.  Here are some quick pointers to make sure that you are getting the service that you want:

Certified or Non Certified:

Not all Lash Artists are certified, and may actually just have been trained in house or by watching online courses.  They will unlikely have enough knowledge to offer you a variety of styling or lash types (classic, russian, or ellipse).  

Regular Health Inspections

If someone is doing lashes from their home, ask if they are registered with their local health department and if they are inspected regularly.  Shockingly some lash artists are not properly trained in disinfecting and use outdated methods that put their clients at risk.

On Going Training

The lash world changes faster than anything in beauty that we have ever seen.  There is so much being done to improve styling and applications.  At our Lash Boutique we are doing team training almost every quarter for updated techniques that will make lashes look fuller, stay on longer, and ultimately offer our clients the lashes they deserve.

Damage Free Techniques

One of the most common problems we see at LBD Boutique is damaged lashes from other companies.  Lashes are glued together and can leave bald spots as they are plucked from the lash line.  Lashes are also applied that are WAY too heavy for client's lashes to hold, so there is often some damage and we need to do a lash removal before we can do anything.  

Quality of Products

Its worth mentioning that the products that are used will have a direct result on the end result.  High quality lashes will feel soft, like real hair, but are synthetic.  At LBD Boutique, we are proudly "Mink Free" and they are softer than human hair.  Ask your lash artist if you can touch the lashes before they apply them.  Do you really want stiff lashes on your eyes?

Reviews and Photos

Are they posting real client reviews and pictures?  Always make sure there is not too much heavy glue at the base.  Lashes should not be too long and they should have a nice shape of varying lengths.  

Enjoy your lashes!


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