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Tweezer Care


key component of the lashing industry. We get plenty of questions about how to properly clean and store your tweezers and it is crucial that it is done correctly other wise you could have some nasty repercussions. We've compiled all of our best tips to keep your station and tools squeaky clean!

    ✦ We recommend using a sterilizing tray - as it is best to always store them on their side.
✦ If you are going to store them in a jar standing up be sure to add a cotton pad to the bottom so your tweezers are not standing on their tip - keeping them on their tips will dull and break them.
✦ We always suggest using CS.20 or alcohol NOT barbacide (it isn't a strong enough sterilizer).
✦ If you plan to use alcohol remember you MUST change it every single day.
✦ With CS.20 keep in mind even the smallest drop of water will neutralize  it.
✦ CS.20 must be changed every 2 weeks ( it is easiest to keep track on a chart)
✦ Be sure to keep your tweezers in the CS.20 for atleast 20 minutes.
✦ Always clean your tweezers when:
      • you finish a client 
      • if you drop them
      • if you find them out and about

✦ Where you store your tweezers is just as important as sanitizing them.
✦ We always recommend storing them in a clean space away from food, liquids and your cell phone (as they carry LOTS of bacteria).


✦ Blepharitis - caused by bacteria in your eye.
✦ Pink eye - caused from not washing your extensions or tools.
✦ A visit from the health inspector - if multiple customers find that they are contracting eye infactions you may receive a surprise visit from your local health inspector.