Brow Lamination, shaping and waxing

Brow Lamination, shaping and waxing

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*No prerequisites or beauty background required 

Award Winners of The Ontario Hair & Beauty Awards For Lash Specialist 2019, Nominated by Reader's Choice in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Our lash boutique and training academy expertly teaches rising artists how to create stunning lash and brow effects.

Brow Lamination is the perfect additional to every lash/brow artists tool kit.

This is the perfect service for clients who are looking for a luxurious, symmetrical and edgy brow shape. Brow Lamination is the cure for brows that appear messy or uneven with hairs that can't be tamed by other services. 

The best part is that unlike other brow services, Brow Lamination takes only 30 mins to perform and gives your clients two full months of glamourous, full and perfectly symmetrical brows. 

This service will hook your clients after their first visit and will bring them back again and again.  



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  • Contraintradictions

6 Hours, two models.

 Includes: Professional Brow Lamination Kit includes Adhesive, Perming & Setting solutions, Brow Nourishing oil,  Lint-Free Applicators, Mascara Wands, Microswabs, and  Lash Combs.  Upon course completion, you will receive 2 certifications, Brow Lamination Artist and Brow Technician. 

For registration call Kim, Director of training at 905-493-5900, or email