Eyelash Extensions Are the New Mani/Pedi

Chances are that if you are reading this, you already have a friend, a sister, a mother, a daughter, or even a granddaughter who is regularly getting her lashes done.  When we first started doing lashes in 2013, we had to explain to clients what we do.  Guys looked at us with a baffled look on their face, and women were intrigued.

Today, Eyelash Extensions are SO popular that most women have either had it done, or are thinking about having it done.




Micro blading is a relatively new technique to semi permanent tattooed eyebrows, lasting 1 to 3 years. Small hair like strokes are manually created in the brow using a very fine blade to deposit coloured pigment.  Sometimes referred to as ‘3D embroidery’, this method gives a very natural look.

Anyone looking to improve or enhance the appearance of their eyebrows can benefit as well as people who would just like a fuller looking brow.


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