Adhesive  -  Ultra Gold for Volume NEW Sensitive Formula!

Adhesive - Ultra Gold for Volume NEW Sensitive Formula!

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You can have it all!  Introducing our NEW Sensitive Adhesive for Volume.  This is a VERY quick drying adhesive (.05 seconds) and we only recommend it for those with experience.  We also recommend using slightly more adhesive than our mega hold adhesive for best results.


  • No fumes, so great for clients that get red eyes
  • Widest Humidity Requirements: 30%-80% humidity
  • Darkest/Blackest Adhesive we have ever tested
  • SUPER fast drying time (.05 seconds) so you will love how fast you can do your sets
  • Longest lasting adhesive (8 weeks) so your client retention will improve

Application Tips:

  • Temperature Requirements: 22-25 Celsius. 
  • Shelf life once opened for all adhesives is about 2 months
  • Do not sit under an air conditioning vent or a fan since it will make your adhesive dry too quickly and you will have poor retention



Tips To make you Adhesive last longer:

1) Store in the Fridge (not freezer) until it is opened

2) Once opened, store it in a dark place in a closed container.  You can put rice in a jar and it will absorb excess humidity

3) Extreme Heat or Direct Sunlight will drastically reduce the efficacy of the adhesive

4) NEVER put it back in the fridge once opened

5) Clean the nozzle after each use with a lint-free applicator or lint-free paper towel (Bounty works great in our salon)

6) Replace when it starts to go stringy or after 2-3 months

7) Its worth noting that client's who lose lashes on one eye is the result of how they sleep or rub their eyes.  It is NOT the fault of the lash artist or the products that they use.  Retention will improve if they wash their lashes with lash shampoo (not makeup remover).

8) If all of the lashes fall off in a week, then there is something wrong with your application or working conditions.  Double check the tips above.