Lash Lift and Tint Course

Lash Lift and Tint Course

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*No prerequisites or beauty background required 

Nominated by Reader's Choice in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018,  our lash boutique and training academy expertly teaches rising artists how to create stunning lash effects.

  Our Lash Lift and tint in depth training gives you the in's and outs on providing a service that has high profit return.   Lash lift and tint is another option for clients that want an alternative to lash extension.  Lash lift and tint will curls and lifts the natural lashes (perm for the lashes).  Providing your clients with an open eye look, give the lashes the appearance of looking longer and sometimes gives the look of classic eyelash extensions depending on clients natural lash length.  Last up to two months.

Lash lifts is for your clients who want a service with less maintenance, with pin straight lashes, long natural lashes, fair lashes, clients that want a more defined look without the drama of eyelash extensions, tired of using mascara and clients who are tired of using a lash curler.

With our long standing academy and proven student success, we want to show you how to do it like the pros do!


  • Theory
  • Marketing Materials
  • Hands On
  • Consultation
  • Contraintradictions

Duration: 3 Hours,

Models: 1 models.

Includes: Manual, Professional Dolly Lash Lift Kit includes Adhesive, Perming solutions, and Silicone Pads, Professional Case, Gel Pads, Lint-Free Applicators, Mascara Wands, Blue Black Lash Tint, developer and a mixing cup.  Upon course completion, you will receive a Lash Lift Certificate.

For all training inquiries, please call Kim @ 905-493-5900 or email

All course deposits are non-refundable