Gel Remover for Removing Eyelash Extensions

Gel Remover for Removing Eyelash Extensions

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For any situation, and any type of mascara cleanup…this Gel Remover is absolutely perfect for cleaning and touching up excess product from Semi Permanent Mascara as well as removing eyelash extension and glue residue. 


Apply Gel Remover using lint free applicators.  Wait 2 minutes for the Gel to soften the adhesive.  Gently begin working the lint free applicators up and out from her eyelid. 

Be careful not to get any Gel Remover too close to her eyelid, as it will sting if it leaches in. 

First Aid: Stop immediately if clients experience any stinging.  Shampoo and rinse with saline solution.  Begin again.  If needed, you may need to remove some lashes with tweezers by peeling them off the extensions.

sold only to professionals.