Henna Brow Tint

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  Tired of shaping your brows every morning?  This is the perfect service for people who are looking to tint their brows with a all natural temporary solution that stains the skin beneath and the brow hairs.  Giving your brows the illusion of depth, fullness and filling in any sparseness creating a defined brow shape.  Henna brow tint specially works well on those suborn grey hairs.

   Thinking of getting a brow tattoo, but are nervous about the shape, colour of how you would look with a stronger brow?  This is a great place to start. Henna helps you to get the look of a tattoo without permanent commitment.  Get a feel for what you would look like before comiting to something permanent. 

Also all natural alternative to regular brow tint.

The best part is that the procedure only takes 30 mins for henna procedure and will give you beautiful defined brows.

  Henna brows usual last between 5 days to 4 weeks, the hair holds the henna longer and on the skin it depends on your skin type.  Dryer skin types tend to hold the henna on the skin longer than those with a oilier skin type.