Hollywood Volume (6-10 lightweight Lashes)

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Step beyond conventional one-on-one eyelash extensions to achieve even more volume. Multiple eyelash extensions are added to a single natural eyelash to create depth, volume, and texture.  It is a revolutionary advanced technique that uses even lighter and thinner lashes to add multi-dimensional volume.

Volume lashes are extremely lightweight, allowing the stylist to apply 2-6 extensions per natural lash, or 200-750 extensions per eye! This can not be done with classic lashes, as they are too heavy to apply more then one extension per lash. Volume lashes are very soft, fluffy and the most natural feeling of all eyelash extensions. They come in several different lengths and curls. These can create a beautiful full yet natural look, up to the most glamorous look you can imagine.

Minimum $45 deposit required for full sets or new clients - Must have at least 6 mm length lashes.  Book a consult if you are not sure you are a candidate