Lash Lift Replacement Solutions (Sachets) Yellow - Yellow Nourishing Agent (15 Uses) - Dolly Lash Lift

Lash Lift Replacement Solutions (Sachets) Yellow

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For giving lashes that one-of-a-kind curl with a hint of tint! Beautiful and luxurious is really all there is to say about this lash lift solution--available in pink, blue or yellow.

Sachets: Sachets have 15 individually wrapped packages.  There is enough solution to do two clients per sachet. (15-30 clients)

Bottles: There is enough solution in the bottle do do approximately 10-15 clients.

Please note that the sachets are generally preferred by health departments.  Our own artists feel that the sachets work better too.

Certified Professional Use Only.  Please email your credentials to or we may not be able to ship you the product.