Microblading Eyebrow 3 Day Course - Training Course

Microblading Eyebrow 3 Day Course

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The eyebrow industry is forever changed thanks to the introduction of microblading. With the right training and mentoring by some of the industry’s top professionals, microblading artists have gone on to work with a multitude of clients, including models and celebrities.

Microblading involves a semi-permanent, virtually noninvasive process that ultimately gives brows that sculpted, fuller, more natural look. With results lasting as long as 1-3 years, it’s no wonder microblading has become the hottest trend to happen to eyebrows in years!

Those who have mastered the art of microblading are finding careers that are both fulfilling and profitable. This course, perfect for newcomers, is designed to get you familiar and comfortable with the technique, as well as offering you the opportunity to gain vital hands-on experience working with an assortment of models. Step-by-step, we teach you everything you need to know and show you exactly how to create lifelike 3D hair strokes.

Why Choose LBD Academy?

Offering small class sizes (3 students and 1 instructor), we provide you with the one-on-one attention you need to perfect your microblading craft. Our teachers are true artists as well as mentors, even beyond the experience of this course itself. And we always provide ongoing support—to include access to practice models at subsequent classes, free of charge. You will also receive a Professional Deluxe Microblading Kit.  This kit includes everything you need to start your business and it should last through your first 50 clients.  

Our Guarantee:

Highly rated with area insurance companies, we can offer our students professional coverage at very competitive rates. All courses from LBD Academy are conducted in a sanitary and safe environment, as per an Accredited Public Health Department (Durham Health).  All products that we use and that we have for sale have been approved by Health Canada.  All of the trainers are approved for training and have experience in their area of expertise.


Itinerary: 30 PLUS hours of Practical Experience

Practice Model (can be provided for fee of $50 each)

Day 1: Theory and 4 hours of Practical Experience and 4 hours of Practice Skin Homework

Day 2: 8 hours of Practical Experience on Live Models, and 2 hours of Practice Skin Homework

Day 3: 8 hours of Practical Experience on Live Models, and 2 hours of Practice Skin Homework

Homework: 3 additional models on your own either under our supervision or on your own

Price Includes Deluxe Professional Kit worth over $650

    Travel Packages

    We teach students from all across Canada, United States, Europe and Latin America.  We are located just a 30 min drive from the airport and we have a hotel rate available through Marriott Whitby.  We also offer group discounts with 3 or more students of 10%. 

    Travel Schedule:

    We routinely visit major city centers. Call our Training Center to see if we are coming to your town!  

    Marriott Whitby:  1(905) 444-9756, Discount code LBDC* (Not guaranteed so make sure you book ahead)

    Host a Training

    Would you like to host a training class in your salon?  Call us to see if you have an appropriate space and we can come to you.  We have teams of trainers that will travel to you.

    For all training inquiries, please call us at 905-493-5900 or email training@lashesbydesign.ca

    All course deposits are non-refundable